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An online news article published by the Star Editorial Board found that in 2019, precisely each and every winter, homeless people suffered from the cold weather in Toronto due to crowded shelters and lack thereof emergency housing despite the advanced city plan to acquire more; but, only opened one and the rest opened in March or April (as cited in Board, S. E. 2019). This is a short-term response to a long-term problem homeless youth and communities face daily because of :


  • low funding
  • home delays
  • instability
  • not enough action

This issue will continue to worsen, especially during this pandemic, if we are not equipped with the proper resources to help support the tragedies that lead to the homeless. In this paper I will examine research based on the types of homeless individuals in North America, the causes or climate conditions that affect a homeless person, and lastly the solutions or needs specified in the fight to end homelessness from scholarly references. I will also provide external credible websites you can visit if you are interested in learning more about local and non-profit organizations actively participating to offer aid and services from Ontario to Canada.

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Tragedies and Difficulties

Homeless Man

We see homeless individuals in the media, in our cities, in poverty, in the streets, in an unkempt state, and or out in the open. We choose to either give them the time of day by offering money or food or we choose to simply ignore them.