Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder




Learning disorder is related to a different challenges base on the abilities for thinking and/or reasoning. Learning disorder also call learning disabilities affect the ability to link information from different part of the brain. These types of limitation can be presented in many ways such as, self-control, difficulty with the spoken and written language, coordination or attention. This condition affects many parts of a people, most likely kids’ life at school, daily routine, family, work, interaction with other, friendship etc. Learning disorder become more common and affect a lot of kids around the world. It is very essential to fully understand and help people and kids that are with this condition. Also, makes a big difference to detected soon than later to identify what type the disorder and how we can treat it. People and kids with learning disorder are wrong call different or weird, because of that, many children not only struggle with their academic studies but also, they face discrimination, and antipathy from his classmates and sometime even from family members. This kind of approach can affect their self-esteem and motivation.