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Youth Icon of India


 Bhagat Singh is one of the famous youth icon of India. He was a greatest revolutionary freedom fighter. He sacrified his life for his country India. His movements encouraged the teenagers of the nation to fight for the nation’s freedom. “Bhagat Singh was considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of Indian Nationalist Movement. He became involved with numerous revolutionary organizations”. “As a teenager, Bhagat Singh participated in the Sikh movement to acquire control over Gurudwara in the early 1920s.” At an exceptionally youthful age, Bhagat Singh began taking after Non-Cooperation Movement called by Mahatma Gandhi.  Taking after the vicious episodes of "Chauri Chaura", Gandhi required the withdrawal of the Non-Cooperation development. Troubled with the choice, Bhagat Singh confined himself from Gandhi's peaceful activity and joined the Young Revolutionary Movement. He built up contact with the individuals from the Kirti Kisan Party and began contributing frequently to its magazine, the "Kirti". A long way from being supporters of unlawful violence, Bhagat Singh and his companions went for bringing about a movement in the Congress' "national" system through a scope of measures, most powerfully the hunger strike. Similarly, Bhagat Singh's definitive disappointment and the attendant triumph of Gandhian loyalty fit as a fiddle of Punjabi judicial issues mirrors that the harmony in the middle of focus and area had started to move towards the inside as right on time as 1931. “The followers and supporters of him regarded him as a “Shaheed”.