Non-verbal Communication

Communication as an essential part of our life!



Nonverbal communication is also important as verbal communication.

Nonverbal communication has been referred to as “body language” in popular culture since the publication of Julius Fast’s book of the same name in 1970. The non-verbal signals can be used to provide hints and some additional information which help the other person understand what the person is trying to say.  To create trust and clarity one must match the non- verbal signals with the sentence or word the person is trying to say, because when the signals do not match, they can create confusion which can lead to mistrust. Non-verbal communication can provide us helpful information about the situation of a person or how the person feels. The main purpose of nonverbal communication is to convey the meaning by strengthening the verbal communication. It is also used to influence people. The effective use of nonverbal emotional information is likely to strongly impact interaction success or failure. It depends on the emotions of a person.