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Types of Stressors

Certain parts of people's lives influence stress that are called stressors. A stressor is any physical, social, or mental event or condition that forces our minds and bodies to react or adjust. These stressors are  either positive or negative.

Eustress Vs. Distress

A man handling good stress

  • Comes along when going through each stage of life
  • Results from working towards future career, finishing school to graduate, or getting married and starting a family
  • It is beneficial and motivating to reach goals and daily challenges
  • Makes people feel good, excited, and happy about life
  • It allows their body to feel more energetic
A woman handling bad stress
  • People cannot control conflicts such as injury, illness, the death of a loved one, or purpose in life
  • Too much stress isn't good for anyone
  • Some situations can be intense and require special attention and care
  • A strong stress reaction disorder called posttraumatic for people who lived through a conflict

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