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Bipolar Disorder is a Disorder that causes an unusual shift in:

  •  mood

  • energy

  • activity levels

  • The ability to carry out daily tasks

 Bipolar Disorder is significantly different than regular ups and downs in one’s life.  The outcome of this mental Disorder can cause serious damages to relationships, performance in a person’s career or schooling, as well as the most serious known, suicide.

  • Every three out of one hundred people have Bipolar Disorder

  • 250 million people worldwide are affected by this disorder

  • More than half of the people with Bipolar Disorder are 25+



Bipolar Disorder

10 Subtle Signs of Bipolar Disorder

1. Great Mood

2. Inability to finish tasks

3. Depression   

4. Irratibility

5. Rapid Speech

6. Trouble at work

7. Alcohol or drug abuse

8. Erratic behaviour

9. Sleep problems

10. Flight of idea's