stress management


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Definition of Stress

Stress is “everything that deprives the person of purpose, zest, that leaves him or her with negative feelings about himself or herself with anxieties, tensions, a sense of lostness, emptiness, and futility. Stress occurs in our everyday life; however, an average amount is considered normal. Stress becomes a problem when it takes over our emotions resulting in negative feelings towards self. There are three dimensions of stress:

  • emotional exhaustion
  • depersonalization
  • lack of personal accomplishment

Emotional exhaustion occurs when an individual is fatigued, has no energy and lacks interest in emotional resources. Depersonalization happens when an individual withdraws themselves from others. Lack of personal accomplishment arises when an individual no longer values their personal work and accomplishments.

Stress, though the word usually has negative thoughts surrounding it, not all stress is bad. There are three types of stress that individuals may face:

  • organizational stress
  • eustress
  • distress