Kids Struggle with Dyslexia



What Is Dyslexia

Earlier dyslexia were known as “word blindness”. “In 1887 – Rudolph Berlin, a German ophthalmologist, coins the word “dyslexia” (The History of Dyslexia, n.d.). Dyslexia means having difficulties reading and writing words, not able to differentiate letters, and having trouble understanding words that sound alike. Examples of dyslexia learnings are to differentiate in words like “top”, “pot”, difficulty to recognize similar word shapes like “d” and “b”, and structure of words “apple” as “aqqle”..

Dyslexia In Kids

Dyslexia in children started at-home learning and they struggle later in primary schools. Most of the parents are not aware at an early stage.

It is very important to understand the cause, early symptoms, and treatment to get help at an early stage