3 causes od ADHDNoted below are 3 main conditions which may lead to developmental problems in children that result in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a difficult disorder to deal with because the causes are sometimes unclear and the symptoms can be misleading.  It is only a stigma that ADHD is caused by an overabundance of sugar in the diet, excessive television viewing, food allergies, or poor relationships at home or in schools.


ADHD can hinder the effective growth and development of the child and the symptoms can continue throughout their lifespan which often leads to problems in social situations, at home, at school and at work  The main symptoms of ADHD include behavioural patters of:Core symptoms of ADHD


Inattentive inability may cause the child to not iisten well to directions, they may miss important details, and may not finish what they start. They may daydream or dawdle too much and may seem absent-minded or forgetful, and lose track of their things.


These children may be very intelligent but due to lack of focus, they tend to do poorly in school because they often get frustrated with their work. They constantly move but have trouble with motor skills which makes them clumsy.  Their clumsiness often lead to social consequences in which they may be ignored or scolded by their peers and adults.


Impulsive children may do things without asking for permission, take things that aren't theirs, or act in ways that are risky. They may have emotional reactions that seem too intense for the situation. 




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