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Initiation, Promotion, Progression, and Metastasis: Stages of Cancer

When old cells of your body do not get replaced by new cells due to malfunction of certain organs, it turns out into Cancer, in addition to it, if your body is lack of white blood cells, it can also trigger disease like Cancer. Once this bug attacked your body, it binges to the other parts of the body in very short time and turns into reasons of many other diseases. Cancer grows in three stages: Initiation, Promotion, and Progression.

There are many types of cancers, most of their names starts with the name of the organ where they jerk. Spreading of cancer from one part to another is named as metastasis. Moreover, cure and signs are based on the type of the cancer and how progressive it is. Furthermore, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immune therapy, and stem cell transplantation are kinds of possible treatment strategies available for cancer patients.

Initiation: This is the stage you put seeds in the soil, means when cancer causing agents (carcinogens) transplants in the cells and which includes consumption of Tobacco drugs which damages DNA by mutating normal cells into cancer-prone cells.

In this stage cancer can be cured by keeping track of your daily diet. Eating healthy like vegetables, fruits, pulses, wholegrains, nuts, and seeds may significantly lower the damage of DNA by carcinogens and helps in repairing infested.


Promotion and Progression

Promotion and Progression: is the stage in which grass starts to grow which means when initiated cells convert their selves into preneoplastic cells. This stage is lengthy however reversible. Chemo-preventive agents can help to beat it and eating healthy will remain as important as stage one (Research Gate, 2019). In this stage cancer has diseased other parts of body and have grown bigger.


Metastasis: Stage 4 of cancer also called metastasis, in which cancer infected organs have infected other organs, and this is the stage where metastasis tumour is formed in the body which is almost impossible to cure without surgery.


Above mentioned cures are possible treatments for cancer patients and it depends on their cancer type, which therapy they should go for!

In addition to that, most of the cancer treatments are very expensive, due to which it is very hard for an average person to get cured, however, all over the world, from years and years people are helping each other by making donations and contribute for a new life.

Concluding this report, and by researching several sources, one thing is clear that it is not impossible to beat cancer, all you need is right advice to get through this kind of situation.

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