Water Pollution

Bad Effect on Health

Causes of Water Polltuion

The main part of the water pollution is industrial, solid waste and agriculture runoff. When people use water for agriculture, they also mix some of the chemical in water which increase the water pollution. Solid waste also polluted the water. We should stop doing this kind of things. 70 percent of earth is filled is water, but we have only 3 percent of the clean the water. Which means the water we used mostly is polluted. Human being is only contained 0.01 percent of fresh water but the other water they take is not good for their body. Clean Water is basic need for everyone human being but of the people are not able to fulfill this need.


In Pakistan the main problem is the water pollution. People try to solve their problem regarding the water pollution. There are very few people who get the clean water to drink. But rest of the people use the polluted the water which is bad for their health. In some cities of Pakistan people have water treatment plants. But some of this are also not working well. They do not clean the water. With the help of this, many people can get the clean water which is good thing. This people also save their life. People who those are not drink the clean water. They face many diseases because of this water like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis and typhoid. It increase the Waterborne disease in human body. 


 Garbage in a source of water



By doing the research we know the person who died in Pakistan the tired part of this people are died because of waterborne disease. Many people lost their family because they have no access to clean water.  Which is bad thing.


Microbial is most main part because of that water increase day by day.  Most of the disease are because of microbial contamination. Microorganisms are occurred mostly in the rivers, pond, lakes and sea. Where the fishes are also live, and people eat that fish. So, we should try to clean the lakes and rivers. So, water pollution should not increase. There are many things which is done with the help of the water so we should stop using this water.