Water Pollution

Bad Effect on Health

Effects of Water Pollution

Water pollution have many bad effects on human body as well as on animals. Everyone should drink at least two litters of water in a day. Its help to people live a heathy life. Beside this if we drink water daily it also help to cover up with the some of the diseases in our body. Without drink the water people can not survive more than the three days. If we are not drink the water, it may cause some serious problems. To produce the electricity, we also we water. If we have no water, then we can not enjoy our life. In some country people don’t think that we don’t have much water. They need to save it, but people don’t worry about this thing. They spend the more water on those things which can be completed with the very amount of water. People should save water for future.

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People should use the amount of water how much they want. They try to not waste the water. We also need water to grow the food. The fresh water is come from the lakes and rivers which is good thing. People can use this water. Which is benefit for their health. But some of the human through the things in the water. After some time, this water get duty become polluted.