Water Pollution

Bad Effect on Health



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Water pollution is very serious problem which is increase daily. Water is very important in our day to day life. We use water to perform so many tasks in our day to day life like swimming, boating, fishing, bathing and washing cloths. To cook our food, we need clean water. If we have no access to clean water, we are not able to live a healthy life. It also have bad impact on our health. If we are not drink the clean water, then it increase the number of diseases in our body which is bad. Some people can die to drink this water. The important question is that who is responsible for water pollution. According to me the main reason of water pollution is human. In some countries People go and seat near the lake and spend their day well with families or friends. Which is good thing. They eat the things while seating over there and through the garbage in the lake. Which also include things which is made by the plastic. Some fishes eat this plastic. Which polluted the water. Beside this, some of the Industries are responsible for this. They waste a lot of water. People who work in the industries mix the so many things in the water which polluted the water. 


Many of the fishes live in the sea and when people through the things in the water then it is difficult for them. In Baltic Sea which is located in eastern of Europe it contain no fish because of water pollution. There are many rivers, pond, sea and river in which we have large amount of water pollution which is not a good thing.   Mostly people warried about the clean water, but


they have no knowledge about how they could control the water pollution. People have no rules and regulation to control the water pollution. People do not help the other to clean the water. According to me, if everyone take a step forward to stop the water pollution then we

can stop it to live a good and healthily life. Nobody know that we are able to get the clean water for our upcoming life or not. Because no one is really warried about this thing.