Water Pollution

Bad Effect on Health

Source of Water Pollution

There are the many ways from which the water from all over the world get polluted. Mostly every person survive from it. People face so many problems in their day to day life. In some rivers, they found in deep of the water more plastic. Because of that upper portion of water get affected with the domestic sewage and waste. Most of the Water polluted by human activates.

The cadmium is found in so many things such as a rocks, sediments, soil, dust, air, water, plants, and animal tissue but it have no bad impact on the human beings. It is natural component. Because of high mobility in the environment the large amount of the cadmium get in the water cycle which have the particle formation and subsequent sedimentation. It also increase the different chemicals into the ground water.


Industrial Use, Municipal sewage effluents, metallurgical industries and cadmium contaminated are the main reason of the water pollution. Everyone should try hard to decrease the amount of the water pollution. Everyone should try to avoid using the plastic and try to clean the rivers.