Soil Pollution

Leading towards Destruction!

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution means land degradation caused by the presence of xenobiotic chemicals. It is also defined as the toxic compounds, chemicals, salts, or disease causing agents which have very bad impact on the lives of the plants and animals. Moreover, it contaminates the water and leads to the loss of the life of many micro-organisms. Further, it also decreases the fertility of the soil and it gets less fertile to grow any crop or plant in the land. Sometimes it can also create many problems to the reptiles also because they walk on soil so it might be difficult fro them to move around the plastic and other contaminated things. Following are some the topics that we need to discuss to the understand the concept of soil pollution.

Illegal dumping of wastePlastic waste

soil pollution

Importance of Soil

Soil is very necessary for our life support system. It provides us nutrients, hold water for roots, provide nourishment to plants or trees. It also helps in fixing the nitrogen and decomposing organic matter. One of the best part, it is the home for many earthworms and termites.