Irritational Fear



What is phobia? A phobia is type of anxiety disorder. When a person afraid of an object or a situation. Anxiety is the main symptom which is found from sufferer. Just about everyone in his daily life afraid of something such as a job interview, or exams or going alone outside but some persons have intense fears which interferes their daily lives they just cannot control it and we called it phobias. Its is not get find why phobias occurred. But psychologist believe that phobias begin when a person has bad experience of a situation or an object then it gets into their mind if that thing happens in future that’s why they have that afraid that fear for example if a child who is bitten by a dog might have fear from dogs it might get stuck into his mind if he will go near to dogs he will get bitten again. Phobias are come from number of reasons in most individuals with phobia have never happened anything wrong with them whereas there are some individuals who get anxiety attack because of fear.

Social Phobia