Autism Spectrum Disoder



Autism which is commonly a broad concept categorized by different ways. This is a disorder also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), affects the development of the brain along with the ability to interact and communicate with other people by a repetitive behavior of the brain. In addition, a person with this disorder experiences trouble communicating and understanding others.

From a study, children aged from 9 months, 18 months, 24 or 30 months, experience autism and among 1 in 59 children. ASD affects all gender, racial and ethnic groups, all over the world and it is more common among boys than girls. However, there is a test called Development screening where the child is tested by the specialist in order to know if they are suffering from autism or not.

The child's growth and development to have a look on his/her behavior in order to find out the reason and to control such kind of disorder.


Some Facts: