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Effects on the Welfare of Animals

Before animal farming was industrialized into factory farms, dairy and egg farms were not as much of an issue because they were being raised on a pasture ran by hard working farmers who cared for their animals. The demand for these products went up as the population grew and led to the inception of factory farms. The factory farms were created to produce large amounts of meat, dairy and eggs without using as much space and energy.
 Cows Eating Dairy

Milk can only be collected from a cow who is lactating and the only way a cow will lactate is if she is pregnant or has recently given birth. Dairy cows are forcefully impregnated and when they give birth, their calves are taken from them within 24 hours so they do not take to much of their mother’s milk. The mother and baby cows mourn for days after they are separated. This cycle continues until the mother cow doesn’t produce as much milk then she is sent to slaughter.

PigsCows Pork

Cows and pigs are kept in small crates with little room to move around. It is common practice for these animals to be forced to lie in their own waste in, overcrowded conditions, and endure extreme weather conditions without adequate protection, ventilation and bedding materials.
Factory farmed animals are not able to practice their natural instincts or eat natural diets resulting in high levels of stress.

Chickens Chicken, Turkey & Eggs 

These Birds are kept in small cages, unsanitary conditions and fed a diet consisting of high protein grains, soy products and steroids to grow them at an unnaturally fast rate. Many of them die before they are sent to slaughter due to overcrowding, infection and inability to carry their own weight.
When breeding egg laying hens, if a male layer chick is born it is not suitable for meat production or laying eggs so it is immediately destroyed using a high-speed grinder also known as chick culling.

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