Eating Disorders
Causes, types and Treatments


Anorexia Nervosa(AN)


People who develop AN are petrified of gaining weight and will go to any extreme to avoid increasing their body mass and preserving a low weight. Those suffering from AN have an inaccurate perception of their body, causing them to believe that they are overweight even though their low weight is considered as unhealthy for their age and height. Many times, throughout the day they will convince themselves that they are not hungry or that they do not need to eat.

Bulimia Nervosa (BN)


When a person continuously consumes a large amount of food, and eating uncontrollably, followed by them purging to get rid of the food. Bulimics have a period where they do not have self-control and cannot stop themselves from over-eating. After the consumption of an excessive amount of food the individual will regret their actions and try to reverse the damage by using diuretics, laxatives, fasting, over-exercising, and self-induced vomiting, this is known as purging.

 Binge-eating disorder (BED)


People suffering from BED consume an excessive number of calories per day, beyond the recommended amount for the healthy adult male or female. Often, they have the tendency to be impulsive and act before thinking. There is a continuous cycle of loss of self-control and then self-loathing, during the self-loathing stage they will promise to never consume the same amount of food and control themselves for the next meal they have.

Night-eating syndrome (NES)


People suffering from Night-eating Syndrome often do not consume a lot of food during the day, but when they go to bed they will constantly wake up to eat during the night. Around bed time they will eat large amounts of food and continuously snack throughout the night, NES is not related to sleep walking or sleep eating because they are awake and aware that they are eating. NES can result from insomnia.

Orthorexia Nervosa (ON)


Orthorexia Nervosa can be defined as an obsession with having a healthy diet. People with ON will be fixated on what they consume throughout the day and are very picky about their meals. If a healthy meal is not available they will choose to starve instead, if they do consume anything that they consider unhealthy they will feel regret and grief. Although a healthy diet is beneficial, the restrictions someone suffering from ON puts on themselves often result in starvation.

 Adonis Rising (AR)


Also known as ‘Manorexia’ and is a male eating disorder. It is the obsession to gain the idealistic athletic body. They strive to become leaner, develop more muscle and have little to no body fat. Athletes often develop AR since many sports require athletes to be lean and muscular, which pushes them to take drastic measures. This includes things like restricting their diets to high protein and zero fat content, and also use supplements to obtain their ‘ideal body’.

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