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This site explains the benefits and drawbacks to cannabis consumption

Brief Introduction

Marijuana! Yes! Let me guess, you have come to this page to find out as much information about it as possible? Well, let me just say, you have come to the right place. I am going to take you through the few benefits of using cannabis, and with benefits comes drawbacks of course. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of marijuana consumption.

Benefits Drawbacks
It controls epileptic Seizures. Blocks the ability for Memories to form.
Treats inflammatory bowl diseases. Impairs you from having proper balance.
Slows Alzheimer's disease. May increase risk of depression.
  You will have anxiety, fear, or feel in panic state.
  My encounter psychosis, if taken high dosage, may hallucinate, and forget yourself.

Of course, you can now see the negatives outweigh the positives. Would you really want to take that risk, knowing all this could affect you?

Canada Legalization

So why should I care about this?

Sure, you may not care personally about marijuana usage, you might not be the one consuming it. However, there is still the risk that someone you may know will use it, and the message must remain out there, don't consume it and drive an automobile.

If you tend to consume cannabis, then DO NOT drive high by all means, for the safety of everybody else. If you want to see the many forms that marijuana can come in, click the link below; "Forms of Marijuana," to visit our second page and to gain more knowledge.

Marijuana can come in many, many forms, and you must be very careful now that it is considered legal in many states of US and in Canada.
There has been a recent increase of the amount of accidents from people driving high, since the legalization. Marijuana affects the ability for someone to think logically; therefore people may believe they are not high after consuming, and may think it is okay to drive. Somebody has to be the one to speak up and say, "NO!" Otherwise, many people are either going to get hurt or end up in jail for reckless behavior.

To learn more about Marijuana, click the link below; "About Marijuana," to visit our other page.