Alzheimer's and Dementia

-Raising Awareness-


If you've found yourself on this website intentionally or by mistake - I hope you proceed to check out the information provided. Alzheimer's and dementia can potentially affect all of us. Yes, even you!

What is Alzheimer's and Dementia?

Although many people believe them to be, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are not the same. The two, however, do go hand in hand.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the brain, leading to a decline in cognition: the mental process of acquiring, understanding, and using the information we gather through our senses.

The brain deteriorating

This website will focus on:

  • Symptoms of both Alzheimer's and dementia

  • Why we should all be concerned 

  • Things you can do to decrease your odds

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 woman with dementia

affects Brain with Alzheimer's