the dionne quintuplets 

    The Exploitation They Endured as Children

Ending Years

Two of the sisters died, Emily died of an epileptic seizure on August 6, 1954. Marie died on February 27, 1970. Annette, Cecile, and Yvonne were still alive at that time. The three surviving sisters wrote two memoirs We Were Five (1964) and Family Secrets: The Dionne Quintuplet's Autobiography (1994) that described the exploitation they endured as children.

     The government had originally set up a trust fund to support the sisters, but documents suggested that the government had actually used the money to maintain Quintland. The money that the quintuplets generated was used for upgrades such as installing public washrooms, instead of the quintuplet's education and basic needs.

     The three surviving sisters, at 21 years old, received approximately $115,000 each. Since then, they lived on a $700 monthly pension. They demanded a public inquiry about the management of their trust fund in hopes of compensation. Instead of compensation, the government's legal advisors suggested setting up a trust fund in the Dionne name to support research in Children issues.

     The remaining sisters were left with little to nothing to survive. Annette, Yvonne, and Cecile passed on June 23rd, 2001.

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