Climate Change

The Importance of Prevention

Climate Change

Intro to Climate Change

            Climate change can be loosely described as the increased frequency of extreme weather (Macpherson 2014). Climate change is a becoming more and more prevalent as the years go by due to factors such as: the burning of greenhouse-gases, ozone depletion, and the melting of polar ice caps. Some people still deny the presence of climate change, but these three factors and the research done by various people reinforce the realness of the subject. According to Macpherson, 89% of meteorologists hold the belief that climate change is in fact real and derived predominantly from human activities.

            Attaining the knowledge of the growing severity of climate change can assist in decreasing the effects of climate change and in turn save the planet as well as all the species that coexist on it. Moreover, evolutionary adaption could possibly be one of the only ways that any threatened species can thrive if they are not able to change locations naturally or through “human-mediated translocation” to other habitats that are able to sustain that species climatically according to Hoffman.

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