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Pollution is a serious threat to our planet. It has steadily gotten worse over time instead of better, even though humans have seen the impact and effect of pollution for years. Scientists have been studying the issue, and governments have been meeting and discussing solutions, yet pollution is still prevalent around the world and is leading towards our extinction. 
                                         Air Pollution
Pollution is a human-made problem that can only be solved by humans. It is a serious threat to our world. There are various causes, including plastic waste, pesticides and smog, but all are human-made. 
Pollution creates an enormous and detrimental impact on every land, water and air environment, as well as to all the inhabitants of the Earth, including humans. For example, the WHO estimates that air pollution “kills more than 7 million people each year and is one of the leading causes of sickness and absence from work globally”. 
But there are potential solutions to change this dire situation, including WWF and their Footprint Goal, in which their aim is that “by 2050, humanity’s global footprint will be more sustainable for the planet”.
We need to encourage everyone to step up their efforts to solve this global problem. It is up to us to think, develop and enforce solutions to lessen the impacts of pollution and start to clean up our planet. We need to fix it for the future of all living creatures and for our planet. There is only one Earth. 

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Air Pollution

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