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What's Oral Health?

We can all define health as a wellness in physical, mental, social and spiritual balance. Within the physical aspect, we can find an important factor which we know as oral health. All of the tissues that form part of the oral cavity have the same nutritional requirements than the rest of living tissues; this includes gingiva, teeth, and surrounding muscles.

 We all can compromise our Oral health by two principal factors; one is due to the constant exposure of the oral environment to food; the other factor is due to some unexpected chronic diseases, which I will be talking about in the section of Systematic Diseases.

Oral health has received an important attention worldwide. The oral cavity is a crucial indicator for health and disease, and it can be known as place where health professionals can obtain a diagnostic, discovery and therapeutic access.The Importance of Oral Health in Comprehensive Health Care, the author stated that “Early detection of oral diseases through a comprehensive but concise examination of the oral cavity can lead to timely management of systemic disease and improved quality of life”. To continue with this relevant topic, we will describe certain major oral disease that we can find in the oral cavity.

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