Vitamins Are Vital

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Vitamins are Vital

The word “Vitamin” is derived from the Latin word ‘vital’ which helps you digest, absorb fats, carbohydrate, and protein in your food which energizes your body and maintains the immune system.

In the present age and time, generally people have become more conscious of how they look, what they eat, how energetic they are, do they have enough stamina to work difficult routines, and other self-health concerns. What people usually do not think is that it is not just eating the right kind of food, exercising regularly that counts; however, having the necessary vitamins and minerals in your daily routine helps you to achieve all the healthy goals. 

Lets look into the classification and roles of vitamins in our body, illnesses due to the deficiency of vitamins in our body, and the sources which we can get vitamins from to lead a health life.