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Dressing Professionally

Whether you are working in a casual workplace or a formal one it is still cruical to dress appropriately and look presentable at the same time. Below are some tips to give you an idea of what is permitted and what is not permitted.

Tips for WomenWoman wearing a suit

  • No matter the dress code, always keep your clothes clean
  • Keep your shoes in good condition and make sure to polish them daily
  • Don't wear heels too high
  • Keep makeup natural
  • Nails should be clean and not too long
  • avoid dangling jewelry
  • avoid body piercings
  • Even if the company does not require to wear suits, wear casual chic
  • comb hair and style well

Tips for Menman wearing formal

  • Suits should present a clean look with a nicely ironed suit

  • light cologne

  • Polished shoes

  • Clean shaved face

  • Hair combed