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Cyber Bullying 

The word cyber comes from a computer that directly comes from the use of internet and whereas bullying could affect in person as well through cyber. Cyber Bullying is a serious matter to the society we will live in. Victims of cyberbullying are increasing and many of the victims are currently going through such terrible tragic. The reason why the cyberbullying is increasing 

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Athors and Quotes  

Merlin Langley Quotes

“1 out of four kids is bullied "
 “Specifically, some adolescents who are regular victims of cyberbullying may experience emotional distress and suicidal thoughts.”

TeenSafe Quotes

“it should be noted that 70% of students have admitted to observing frequent cyberbullying through Facebook.”
Jaago Teens
“Note Online Safety has rules that are easy to follow.”

Nicole L. Weber eBook
Nicole stated in her book about a 17-year named Rehtaeh Parsons who committed suicide after being excessively cyberbullied through an abusive text that caused from being sexually assaulted and being taken a photo by her peers who were using that to abuse her through terrible text in Facebook messenger. The outcome of this results in depression state and emotionally impact the victim who's been going through such circumstance.

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