Heart Diseases

Threat To Human Life



Heart disease is one of the leading cause of death all over the world. At birth, we get a healthy heart, it is our environment and our diet that causes the cardiovascular problems. To understand the causes of heart trouble, we must know something about the heart and the circulatory system. The primary function of this cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels) is to distribute blood through the entire body, carrying a steady flow of nourishment and oxygen to billions of body cells  (Bragg, 2001). Heart diseases is atypical functioning of heart. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common and preventable heart disease. The most common symptoms of heart disease are new or worsening chest pain. Located in the thoracic cavity, the heart is a four-chambered muscular organ that serves as the primary pump or driving force within the circulatory system. The heart contains a special form of muscle, appropriately named cardiac muscle, that has intrinsic contractility (i.e., is able to beat on its own, without nervous system control).  (Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, 2004). A healthy heart is very important for living a happy and healthy life. Moreover, our diet also affects our heart health. Recent research has extended the earlier findings on activity or fitness and heart disease to a wide variety of health outcomes. We now know that regular physical activity of 150 minutes/week of moderate intensity physical activity reduces the risk of numerous chronic diseases, preserves health and function (both physical and mental) into old age, and extends longevity  (Blair, 2009). There are varying reasons behind the poor heart health. The reasons can be poor lifestyle, lack of proper nutrition, diabetes, overweight and obesity. High blood pressure could also result in heart diseases. Nowadays, most of the children get cardiovascular diseases from heredity. There are different kinds of cardiovascular diseases such as congenital heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, strokes. In, the United States, someone has a heart attack every 40 seconds. Every year, about 805,000 Americans have a heart attack.3 Of these, 605,000 are a first heart attack. 3,200,000 happen to people who have already had a heart attack. About 1 in 5 heart attacks is silent—the damage is done, but the person is not aware of it.  (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.).