The sports with twenty two players



 Cricket is the one of the most famous game in the world and this game played by Bat and Ball. Cricket was one of the principle sports that exemplified British majestic social fares, however in the state of Hong Kong it remained to a great extent an interest with restricted intrigue past ostracizes and South Asian residents.  (Bridges, 2016) Within 3-4 years this sports spread everywhere. Basically, it plays between two teams and eleven players in each team. And there are two umpires and all the players play under them. The main objective of this game is to make more score than opponents. There are So many rules and regulations players must follow. And the main thing in every game is spirit if anybody cheats for winning, he could be banned from playing for a certain period. Cricket is a game accessible to poor just as rich; it has no special class.  (Pycroft)

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