Youth and Drug effects

by: Inderpreet Singh

Impact on Health

Also, the body is affected by drugs in different ways, and the drug usage affects can vary from person to person. Factors such as body size, general health, the amount of drug intake. body can take short-term and long term-effects. Psychological and physical damage can be taken by the body which results in impairment and can lose the ability to control their actions and thoughts Bachman, J. G. (2008).

            You may start to utilize drugs without thinking about the damage the body can take. You may think that drugs won’t turn into an issue since you are self-confident.

Picture of Impacts

Past Year Use of Various Drugs by 12th Grades (Percent)
Mairjuana/Hashish 7.9%
Adderall 7.5%
Vicodin 5.3%
Salvia 3.4%
Ritalin 2.3%