Youth and Drug effects

by: Inderpreet Singh


Any substance natural or artificial which is used as a medicine to improve someone’s mental and physical condition but they are addicted to drug is called a drug. Drugs have become the biggest issue among adults. The consumption of illegal drugs increasing each day among people to get release from problems which they have in their daily life. Due to drugs many people have to face decease difficulties. Moreover, there are many other problems that becomes highlights of newspapers. In drug model people become thief to just fulfill they drug needs. In this research report, I will discuss impacts of drugs on health, causes, prevention and solution CITATION Sea08 \l 5129  (, 2008).


Picture of different drugs 

            For over 200 years, youth gangs have been using and trafficking these illicit intoxicants throughout many countries. It is a fact that drug addiction is no random coincidence. The individuals who are not able to find solutions to their problems often try to find comfort in using drugs and alcohol.