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Obesity, defined as excess body fat, is determined to permanence. That obesity is a symptom rather than a disease, is showed by it clinical and experimental heterogeneity. Triglyceride accumulation proceeds by enlargement of adipose cells or hyperplasia of the adipose organ, or both. Weight loss occurs by contraction of individual adipose cells without change in their total number

Causes of Obesity


The major symptoms of obesity are excessive weight and large amounts of fatty tissue. Common sedentary symptoms include shortness of breath and lower back pain from carrying excessive body weight. Obesity can also give rise to secondary conditions including hernias, heartburn, high blood pressure, gum disease, high cholesterol levels, decreased fertility and pregnancy complications, gallstones, infertility etc



To prevent obesity and maintain a healthy body weight throughout life, eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly. Preventing obesity is essential because once fat cells form, they remain in your body forever. Although you can decrease the size of fat cells, you cannot get rid of them.




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