-Harish Kumar Sogi


Cancer means that the cells are abnormally growing in the body. Cancer is extremely dangerous as it causes illness and also become a cause of death. When cells in human body start acting different or starts growing at an uncontrollable rate. Variety of forms are taken by cancer and hundreds of types of cancers have been identified. Metastasis is a term that is used for the spreading of cancer.

            Tumours are mainly a cause of cancer, which is a hard lump. Doctors can be alerted if a person that have a tumour may also have cancerous cells. Blood cancer is much harder to notice because it does not form tumours. Cancer is categorized based on their starting location within the body.

            Various types of disease act in various ways. Some develop gradually over years while others develop and spread in a lot shorter periods. Malignancy types react distinctively to medicines dependent on their area, their seriousness, and the individual patient. Malignant growths may likewise change after some time as they develop, spread, and end up more grounded. The advancement of a disease is known as its stage. Specialists regularly rate the phase as a number somewhere in the range of zero and four.


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