Wildlife Conservation: Tigers

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Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is a topic which deserves the attention it barely gets.  As a young child coming across the word “Wildlife Conservation” for the very first time, even that time it had an important message for the generations to come, and after all these years it remains a message with a severe undercurrent of it turning into a warning earlier than anticipated. In today’s world and age, it has become “the” important issue to be tackled around the earth collectively. It is not related and confined to a specific aspect of nature conservation, but it has become a subject of intertwined problems. Right from the next species to be extinct, to the time we  humans become the endangered ones around this wonderful planet, there are numerous aspects of the wildlife to be taken care of before we come near to be the next “endangered species” on this planet. In this research project, I am focusing on three subareas of wildlife conservation which has major impact on earth’s  ecosystem conservation.

Wildlife - Facts

The population of wildlife throughout the world decreased in size by approximately 52 percent between 1970 and 2010. The human population more than doubled in size during the period.

 – World Wildlife Fund