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This website looks at the issues regarding to wildlife conservation. It focuses on three point’s extinction of species, endangered species and preserving wildlife. Extinction of many wild animals caused by human and nature activities (Sherry, 1998, p. 2). Extinction rate is increasing very fast from last century (Sherry, 1998, p. 2). Thousands of species were vanished from the earth (Sherry, 1998, p. 2). Many species on earth in the present time are standing near the line of extinction. Golden lion tamarin, Short-Tailed Albatross and Bald Eagle are common examples of an endangered species (Sherry, 1998, p. 204-205). The government had taken some measures to save wildlife from human activities and preserve some endangered species by opening many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. This report is based on many facts from academic research on wildlife conservation and its issues.

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