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There are number of treatments depending on the type of leukemia. These treatments are also based on the patients age, overall health and if this disease has spread to the other parts of the body. The following are most used treatment: Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Biological therapy, radiation therapy and bone marrow transplant. Chemotherapy is one of the main treatments for leukemia. A person is likely to get this treatment first. This therapy is based on drugs that are given through pills, blood infusions, or injection. In Targeted therapy, there is a specific drug that only targets cancer cells and kills leukemia cells specifically and lets patients’ normal cells to be safe. With this therapy there are chances to reduce the negative side effects of chemotherapy. Biological therapy is a drug such as antibodies. This drug intakes train persons immune system to recognize and attack the cancer cells only. This treatment is still new in the medical and may contain side effects. Therefore, certain certified hospitals can perform this treatment. Radiation therapy is used with patients being exposed to high energy beam. For example, x-ray. This treatment kills cancers cells and prevents it growth. In this therapy procedure, the patient lies on a bed and a large machine moves around them, directing the radiation depending on the specific are or the whole body. Patients are given few drugs before this treatment, in order to prevent their immune system from these radiations.Depending on patients’ condition and how sever their leukemia is, doctor may decide to replace a patient diseased bone marrow with a healthy bone marrow. Before giving this treatment, doctors make sure that patients diseased bone marrow is completely removed through radiation and chemotherapy. Healthy blood-forming stem cells are infused to restore patient’s immune system and bone marrow. After the treatment patients are given medication to prevent life threating side effects. Although bone marrow is an expansive treatment and involve risk, it offers the grater chance of long-term remission. In the magazine.

 The Times of India suggest that Indian species can also help in preventing cancer. Turmeric and Chilli powder. “Turmeric is the king of species, when it comes to dealing with cancer disease” (Times of India, 2017).  It is clinically proven that turmeric contains a powerful polyphenol curcumin. Curcumin promotes 'Apoptosis'- (programmed cell death/cell suicide) which helps reduce the growth of cancer cells such as breast cancer, brain tumor and leukemia. Chilli pepper is a spice with anti-cancer properties. However, the dose of this spice should not exceed. This spice has the potential to kill cancer cells and can also help lessen the size of leukemia cells. “It can be concluded that apart from setting our tongues on fire, chilli peppers can scare cancer pathogens off too” (Times of India, 2017).

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