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Types of Leukemia

Cancer has many other types. However, the most common among these types are Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma. Leukemia and lymphoma are the most critical diseases affecting elder as 55 years old and children ages 0-14 years. These diseases occur when bone marrow makes lot of abnormal white blood cells. Which are called leukemia cells. These cells start to grow faster than normal white blood cells. Due to this abnormal growth of cells, the normal cells become crowded and are unable to function in the body. Leukemia and lymphoma develop through out time and eventually spreads in the body. Furthermore, Acute leukemia develops quickly. Its abnormal growth interferes with the normal cells in the body and stops the ability of normal cells to make essential red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. In the newspaper article Dr. Panagiotis Kottaridis explains “Blood cancer develops as a result of abnormalities within the blood cells which causes them to malfunction and grow out of control, impacting the body’s normal immune function” CITATION Tur19 \l 1033  (Turrill, 2019). About one to two children in 2000 develops leukemia lymphomas and acute before the age of 15. The reason for this can be found from a study that was conducted in 1950s in United Kingdom. They had found that radiography of a mother’s abdomen while she was pregnant increased 50% chances of leukemia in her baby. Another study urged that there can be many reasons for children under 15 developing acute, lymphoblastic and leukemia. A study was conducted in Iran from 1997 to 2002 about children with leukemia. The results showed that leukemia and lymphomas are very common childhood cancers in Iran. A total of 368 cases or children less than 15 years have been diagnosed as acute, lymphocytic leukemia. However, the two major reasons are the following. Firstly, most children get effected with this disease before birth. The reason for this is that these children have fusion of genes called TEL and AML. These genes mostly develop before birth and are in their blood cord. Secondly, many children who begins to go to daycare at very young age can have chances of developing leukemia because they become expose to the infection.

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