Cluster Systems:

1. Diskless beowulf and SCMS - Smile Cluster Management System 1.2.2
2. OSCAR - Open Source Cluster Application Resources
3. SCYLD Beowulf

Clusters developed at Sheridan College:

Beowulf on Red Hat 6.2
Beowulf on SuSE7.2
Home page of Aaron's diskless beowulf

Diskless beowulf and SCMS - Smile Cluster Management System 1.2.2

The Diskless Cluster Suite is a set of tools that will setup all of the services required on the master node and help to to make Boot Floppies for slave nodes.

SCMS is an extensible management tool for beowulf cluster developed to simplify the magement task for large beowulf cluster. SCMS provides a rich set of tools and support system that help system administrator monitor, submit command, query system status, maintain system configuration and more. SCMS GUI tool helps administrator of beowulf cluster to manage the cluster much easier. SCMS is released under Opensource license (BSD based).

Home page of SCMS

OSCAR - Open Source Cluster Application Resources

OSCAR is a snapshot of the best known methods for building, programming, and using clusters. It consists of a fully integrated and easy to install software bundle designed for high performance cluster computing. Everything needed to install, build, maintain, and use a modest sized Linux cluster is included in the suite, making it unnecessary to download or even install any individual software packages on your cluster.

OSCAR Home page

SCYLD Beowulf

The Scyld Beowulf Cluster Operating System software distribution is the second generation of Beowulf clustering. The system advances clustering technology, providing significant benefits over existing systems. Scyld Beowulf features simplified cluster integration and setup, minimal and easy system administration, increased reliability, and seamless cluster scalability. What's included? The Scyld Beowulf Professional Edition comes with a bootable master node installation CD, boot media for all computation nodes in the cluster, a hardcopy professional documentation set, and support for 1 year.

OSCAR Home page

SCIM Cluster Team Home