Sheridan COLLEGE COUNCIL Vivienne Sager Award


Vivienne Sager was a Sheridan employee in the Human Resources Department. She was an enthusiastic, positive person, who sat on various committees, including College Council. Sadly, she succumbed to cancer.

The Vivienne Sager Award was started in 1991, and is an annual award granted to a member of College Council who has performed exemplary service on behalf of College Council. The recipient shall be a person who shows enthusiasm and a positive attitude; someone who is committed to students, faculty and staff and the overall good of the Sheridan community.



  1. At the April meeting, there shall be a call for nominations.
  2. Nominations, using the following form (Nomination Of Vivienne Sager Award Recipient), shall be sent to the Secretary no later than one week preceding the May meeting.
  3. The Secretary shall forward the list of nominations to the Chair prior to the May meeting.
  4. At the May meeting, the list of nominations shall be tabled.
  5. If there are no nominations, there shall not be a recipient of the award for that year.
  6. If there are any nominations, voting shall take place -- i.e. even if there is only one nomination, the person nominated does not automatically receive the award.
  7. Voting shall take place before the end of May.
  8. The Chair shall present the award to the recipient at the June meeting.