Sheridan COLLEGE COUNCIL Members

Membership information is for the current academic year only.

Members fall under one of the following categories (Admin., Faculty, Open, Student, or Support).

A member may represent a particular campus [Brampton Davis (DAV), Oakville S.T.C. (STC), or Oakville Trafalgar Road (TRA)].

Members represent one of the following constituencies:

Admin. Group 1 Finance & Admin. (inc. H.R. and Facilities Management)
Admin. Group 2 Academic Services, Curriculum Development
Admin. Group 3 Business Development
Admin. Group 4 Student services & Information technology
Campus -- DAV Brampton (Davis) campus
Campus -- STC/TRA Oakville Skills Training Centre campus; Oakville Trafalgar Road campus
CECT School Of Continuing Education & Corporate Training
Part-time Part-time faculty; any school; any campus
SAAD School Of Arts, Animation & Design
SACES School Of Applied Computing & Engineering Sciences
SBUS School Of Business
SCLS School Of Community & Liberal Studies
Student -- DAV Student -- Brampton Davis campus
Student -- STC/TRA Student -- Oakville S.T.C./Trafalgar Road campus

Members are listed below.

Name Ext. Campus Category Constituency
Crystal BENNETT (Co-President, Student Union, Trafalgar) 2301 TRA Student Student -- DAV & STC/TRA
Cathi BERGE 2215 TRA Admin. Admin. Group 1
Randy BODEN 2169 DAV Support Admin. Group 4
Michelle BRAITHWAITE 5290 DAV Support CECT
Lloyd BRASSINGTON ---- DAV Faculty Part-time
Deborah CAMPBELL 2681 TRA Open Campus -- STC/TRA
Andrew COXHEAD (Chair) 8748 TRA Faculty SAAD
Lorena CROWDIS 5651 DAV Support Admin. Group 4
Terry DAVISON 5010 DAV Faculty SACES
Barbara EDDY 2781 TRA Faculty SBUS
Greg GOLDING 33553 TRA Faculty Part-time
Sparkle GRANT (Co-President, Student Union, Davis) 5315 DAV Student Student -- DAV & STC/TRA
Jim GREER 2137 TRA Support Admin. Group 1
Fred KOCH 5155 DAV Faculty SBUS
Sham MAIN 5257 DAV Support Admin. Group 1
Dhanna MISTRI 5220 DAV Faculty SCLS
Satyendra NARAYAN 2479 TRA Faculty SACES
Tim ONYSCHUK 5124 DAV Faculty SCLS
Khalid RANA 5339 DAV Support Admin. Group 4
Karen RICHARD 2815 TRA Support Admin. Group 3
Stefan SMEJA 2613 TRA Faculty SAAD
Andrea SOOKHOO 5200 TRA Open Campus -- STC/TRA
Judy TRAVIS 4352 DAV Open Campus -- DAV
Tania UPSON 2979 TRA Support Admin. Group 3
April WILLIAMS (Vice-Chair) 5341 DAV Support Admin. Group 2
Ifeanyichukwu UZOKA 2856 TRA Faculty SBUS
Kerri ZANATTA-BUEHLER 2706 TRA Support Admin. Group 4