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Electronic Wind Instrument Performances

The following music was recorded using the Yamaha WX5 and Akai 4000s Electronic Wind Instruments, and Yamaha VL series synthesizers. All the music was either written originally for wind instruments or arranged by me.

20th Century Music for Woodwinds

Igor Stravinsky Pastorale 3:30
Igor Stravinsky A Soldier's Tale: March 1:41
Igor Stravinsky A Soldier's Tale: Pastorale 2:20
Igor Stravinsky A Soldier's Tale: Airs by a Stream 2:35
Igor Stravinsky A Soldier's Tale: March Royale 2:41
Igor Stravinsky Octet for Winds mvt 1 - Sinfonia 3:54
Igor Stravinsky Octet for Winds mvt 3. Finale 4:00
Malcolm Arnold Three Shanties for Woodwind Quintet - mvt 1 2:30
Gustav Holst Lullay My Liking (arr. for WW Quintet BD) 2:53
Chamber and Orchestral Music
Anton Dvorak Piano Trio "Dumky", mvmt 4 4:26
P. Tchaikovsky Nutcracker, Arabian Dance 3:14
P. Tchaikovsky Nutcracker, Chinese Dance 1:05
P. Tchaikovsky Nutcracker, March 2:30
Beethoven 5th Symphony, mvt 1. Arranged for student film, "Diamond on Display" 3:30
Debussy Prelude "Voiles", arranged for Orchestra
Debussy 05 Preludes - L'aire... Orchestration (partial).m4a
J. Massenet Meditation for Violin and Piano 5:20

Baroque Music for Woodwinds and Strings

J.S. Bach 4:51
B. Marcello Oboe Concerto in D minor, first movement 3:24
B. Marcello Oboe Concerto in D minor, finale 3:11
J.S. Bach Suite #3, C Major, Gigue 2:30
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations #1 1:20
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations #17 1:39
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations #19 1:12
J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations #21 1:51
J.S. Bach Air from Suite in C minor 1:45

Arrangements of the Music of Raymond Scott

The Toy Trumpet 3:11
Huckleberry Duck 3:08
Egyptian Barn Dance 1:48

Alchemical Music of Michael Maier

I arranged 12 pieces from Maier's 1618 Chemical Emblems of the Secrets of Nature for a concert given at the Music Gallery, Toronto, October 2001. Here are the first two.

Michael Maier Emblem 1, The Wind Hath Carried Him 1:34
Michael Maier Emblem 2, The Earth Hath Nursed Him 1:26