Assignment and Test Policies - Prof. W.Jollymore

Academic Integrity Policy

Assignment Policies

Assignments are an opportunity for you to demonstrate to me your knowledge and skills of the course content at the time the material is covered in class. Therefore, it should be important to you to get the work done by the due date, to figure out what you understand and what you do not understand. It is important not to fall behind. Remember, assignments constitute practice material for tests. It is to your benefit to complete them before the tests.

Sheridan is committed to Academic Integrity. In this course the professor has chosen to require students to use Turnitin to check their own written work to ensure originality.

Exams/Quizzes/In-Class Assignments

Exam Procedures

The following procedures are for all exams in this course:

Bonus Marks

You have a few opportunities to earn bonus marks though throughout the term.