Books24x7 and Access

What is Books 24x7?

Books 24x7 is a virtual library of books available to all students at Sheridan. There is an entire library of IT books in all kinds of categories that are relevant to all the things you'll be studying! New books are added frequently (you can request an email of which books are added if you wish) so this is a great way to stay up-to-date without spending a fortune on textbooks. Be sure to use the Bookshelf feature: you can create "bookshelves" or categories and then add selected textbooks to bookshelves. You can also bookmark sections of textbooks and add notes.

What is is a collection of online course videos in a variety of subjects, including programming, networking, and web design/development. You can create play lists and view transcripts of videos.

To access Books 24x7 and

  1. These links should work as long as you're logged into Access Sheridan:
  2. If those links don't work after logging into Access Sheridan, try using the On-Line Databases index page: just click the letter B (for Books24x7) or L (for and you'll find the links there.
  3. If neither of the above work, try logging into Access Sheridan and then finding the On-Line Databases index yourself: