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This course covers some of the more advanced topics in web application programming. This is huge field with many different technologies, and new ones are being developed every day. This course picks a few of these technologies to show how some internet-based applications can be developed.

Assignments and Homework

Final Grades (Aug 25, 8pm): Ok, grades are posted at the the Course Evaluation Page. If you notice errors, omissions, concerns, or whatever, email me before Thursday, as the promotion meetings are Thursday morning. If you would like your final project evaluation emailed to you, drop me an email message and I'll reply with the eval file.

IMPORTANT Final Project Submission Info Due to the number of people who have disregarded the instructions re. assignment submission, I am now missing a number of emails that were sent after around 3pm on Tues. Aug 18 (remember that my internet connection is down and I'm currently on dial-up, so my emaill got "stuck" trying to download someone's gargantuan project :P ). I was able to download some smaller messages from the office last night, but now someone else has sent something huge and it's stuck again, so I'm no longer able to retrieve email. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PROJECTS VIA EMAIL. Follow the instructions and use the Course File Uploader. If your ZIP/RAR file is more than 5.5MB, burn your file to a CD and drop it off to me in S327 on Friday Aug. 21 between 10am and 4pm.

Assignment 2 Due: August 4, 2009 at the start of class.

Final Project:
   Proposal - Tuesday July 21 2009 (hard copy @ start of class)
   Presentation - Tuesday Aug 18 2009 (week 14)
   Submission - Tuesday Aug 18 2009

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