Final Project


Due Dates

Project Proposal: Tuesday, July 21th, 2009 before 5pm (via Wendi's email or hard copy submitted during class).
Project Presentation: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 during class.
Project Submission: Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 before 5pm via Wendi's email (see submission notes below.

Project Specifications

You may work in teams on this project. The maximum number of team members is 4. Larger teams are expected to produce more complex applications than smaller teams. Larger teams will be penalized if the project difficulty and scope is inappropriate for the size of the team. Feedback regarding this aspect of the project evaluation will be given when your team's proposal is reviewed.

Have some fun with this project! Make up a database and put it on a web page. Use the ASP.NET controls we've learned (feel free to explore the ones we haven't learned), and use the C# concepts you've learned in the C# course. You may combine this project with your C# final project or your Database final project.

Your project should include some of the database functionality we've discussed in class, but you can also explore things we haven't discussed in class. E.g. you can have a page that allows a user to do maintenance on a database (add, update, delete).

Project Proposal

You need to submit a proposal for this project. Proposals must be word processed and printed in hard copy on the due date specified above. It must include the following information:


You will be presenting your project to the rest of the class. Your presentation should cover the following:


The project proposal is worth 5% and is out of 15 marks and is grades as follows:

The project is worth 25% of the final grade, and can be graded from 75 marks:


You must ZIP or RAR all of the required files (see below) into one submission file.

Your submission file must include:

The name of this file should be or loginName_project.rar where "loginName" is your Sheridan user name.

To submit your completed assignment, log into the Course Evaluation Index and use the "Submit Assignment" link. Submit this assignment as "Final Project".

If you are working in a group, only one person needs to submit the final project. Ensure that all group member names have been documented in the code very clearly.