Submission Standards for PROG24178

All submissions for this course must meet the following requirements:

Program Documentation

Programmer Identification

All submissions must include program identification documentation at the top of the source code file according to the following specifications:

Internal Program Documentation

All code submitted must be properly documented with internal program documentation. (see Standards for Program Documentation from PROG10082 for more information.

Javadoc Comments

All OOP classes submitted must be properly documented using javadoc comments (/** ... */) with proper tags and attributes.

For more information, see Javadoc Comments for more information.

Coding Standards and Conventions

All code must meet the following industry standards.

Electronic Submissions

Electronic submission are usually uploaded to a web server or an LMS such as SLATE, or submitted via a memory key or portable hard drive to the professor. Therefore, your prof may have some specific naming conventions or other rules for the types of files you may upload/submit. These will be clearly stated in the assignment. If they are not clearly stated in the assignment, then the policy regarding submitted files is as follows:

Make sure you read your assignment's submission instructions carefully so that you submit the correct files/folders.