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This course will introduce you to the tools and technologies used in web site design. You'll learn XHTML coding (which includes Cascading Style Sheets, working with images, on-line forms, etc) and scripting (JavaScript, PHP) to design dynamic web pages. You'll also have the chance to work with simple database-driven web sites using MySQL and receive a brief introduction to XML.

This course has a Discussion Forum. Your login is your regular computer/Sheridan login name; your password is your student number.

Assignments and Homework

IMPORTANT: If you're submitting a final project that uses MySQL, you need to submit your Database!!! See this post for instructions!!!

NOTE: Friday's class (Aug 17th) is for last-minute project work; this is a work period only. If you're finished your project or you're comfortable with it, you can skip this class or work from home and email me any last-minute questions you might have. If you think you might want to get some in-person help with your project's final touches, come to class.

Upcoming Evaluations:


PHP Exercise: Week 13 (Submit via the Evaluation Page as syst28043: Exercise 2. Make sure all files are put into a ZIP/RAR file named or login_ex2.rar, where "login" is your own Sheridan login name. Does not have to be done in class. Submissions are accepted no later than Monday, Aug 13 before 9pm)


Open book quiz in SLATE: Between Friday Aug 10 8am and Friday Aug 17 5pm. OMG yes, I'm using a SLATE quiz! Log into the course in SLATE and you'll see it on the front page. Details are there! Can be done anytime between the dates mentioned, anywhere.

In-Class Open-Book JavaScript Quiz: Week 9
Exercise 1 due at the start of Week 10's class.

The Course Evaluation Page allows you to check your grades, change your preferred email contact, and submit assignments. When viewing this page for the first time, you must activate your account. Instructions are on the page. :)

All references refer to on-line web documents or textbooks accessible via Books24x7.

All assignments must be handed in before the assigned date and time in the proper form (e.g. hard copy, electronically, etc). No exceptions!!

Before handing in assignments, be sure you've checked over the Submission Standards, Coding Standards, and the Assignment and Exam Policies.

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  • Check your email and see if you received an email with a validation link and a temporary password. Read this email and follow the instructions. When you can log in, you're done.
  • If you didn't get an email with a password, check your spam folder, or just go to the board's login screen (Login link, top right) and select "forgot my password".
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  • All activities and evaluations defined as "in-class" must be done during class time as instructed by your professor. In-class activities may not be done outside of class. If you know you will miss an in-class activity, contact your professor no less than 1 week before the scheduled activity. If you miss an in-class activity without prior notice to your professor, you must provide acceptable documentation validating your absence in order to obtain alternate credit for the missed activity.

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