Final Project

This project is worth 35% of your final grade.

NOTE: You MAY NOT use a WYSIWYG editor to code your web site. You must use a development tool such as Aptana, Netbeans, Eclipse, EditPlus, TextPad, etc.


Develop and build an interactive Web site that demonstrates your knowledge of the principles and practices of web design and architecture, and XHTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP / MySQL coding. You can build the site for yourself, a friend, family member, or a client, but it must have some specific purpose and audience (e.g. you can't just create a site full of random stuff with no purpose, or a website that just displays information about yourself).

This site must not already exist. You can't copy an idea from another existing site, although if there is a similar site, you can improve on it (you must include enough value-added content/features to make your site unique).

Please keep in mind that this site can be a very good addition to your personal portfolio when applying for jobs.

You may work with a partner on this project, but keep in mind that more is expected from two people. Also, the amount of work to be done by each individual must be approximately the same.

The entire project consists of 3 deliverables (described below for information and due dates.

Helpful Resources:


A. Proposal (3%)

Due: Week 9

A one-page memo proposal describing the topic, purpose, and scope of the website. What is the goal of the site? Who is your site's audience? What kind of content will your site contain and in what forms? What features will your site have? For more information, see my notes on Site Definition

Your memo must include your full name and student number, and the full name and student number of the second person on your team, if applicable.

You must have the instructor's approval prior to proceed with the project.

Hard copies can be submitted at the start of class. Electronic copies may be uploaded via the Course Evaluation Index as syst28043: Proposal

Your proposal file must be archived into a zip/rar and be named or login_webproposal.rar, where "login" is your own Sheridan login name. If you're working with a partner, only one of you needs to submit the proposal.

B. Wireframe, Hierarchy, Site Template, External CSS: (7%)

Due: Week 11

Cool Tool: Cacoo
Cacoo is one of a number of web-based diagramming tools. Cacoo will allow you to create Site Map and Wireframe diagrams! You can even use the Export button to export your diagrams as an image file. Cacoo is also collaborative: you can easily share and work on diagrams with other people, and there's a live chat window so you can chat while you work together. The free account version has enough features and functionality to be useful for this project.

Be sure to use relative paths: css files stored in standard css/ subdirectory and the template images in the images/ subdirectory.


C. Web Site: (25%)

Due: Week 14

  1. Complete Main Page with CONTENT
  2. Complete Seconary Pages with CONTENT

Requirements for all pages submitted:


ZIP/RAR your project directory, maintaining all sub-directories and their contents. Be sure to double-check and make sure everything is in there! Try unzipping your project somewhere else on your computer, or on a different computer, and make sure it still works!

Name your submission file or loginName_WebProject.rar, where "loginName" is your own Sheridan login name. If you're working with a partner, only one person needs to submit.

Upload your file via the Course Evaluation Index as syst28043: Project

NOTE:You've been given one megabyte of space for uploading your project. If your project is too large, you may upload your submission file to your own Sheridan web space (just move your zip/rar file into your public_html folder or put it on a web page there). Then, write the URL to your submission in a plain text file (.txt) and upload this file on the Evaluation Page instead of your submission. This will allow me to paste that URL into my browser and download your file myself. This method is ONLY to be used if your project is too large for the course uploader.

Courtesy of Ellen Bajcar

What factors most clearly affect the grading of this assignment?
There is not one correct answer for each assignment task; but there are more adequate or less adequate ways of dealing with each assignment task. So your grade is not based on whether you come up with a single correct answer or on whether you come up with the answer that the instructor supports. Rather, your grade depends upon:

The most likely shortcomings that hold down grades are:

  1. departing from the instructions for an assignment
  2. failing to complete every part of the assignment
  3. being too brief (i.e., lacking in-line documentation)