Fast Food

It Affects Adversly on Health

Burgers, Frech Fries, Donuts, Soft Drinks

About Fast Food

Fast food is defined as a food which is high in sodium, sugar, and fat as well as which contains high range of useless calories. Fast food is considered unhealthy due to lack of nutritional ingredients. These foods are easy to purchase, consume and carry. Usually, fast foods are designated attractive appearance by adding artificial food additives and colors to increase the taste as well as to enhance the prolonged productivity. A survey report by Institute of Food Technologists has proved that 75% of Americans eat their dinner at home but half of them are used to bring food from restaurants and super stores either delivered or taken out. In spite of the poor nutritional value of fast food, it is rapidly increasing throughout the world. Intense sugar, sodium and unhealthy fat in the fast foods leave detrimental effects on human body.